Windows: Updating the extensions

1) Download the latest version

On my Inkscape extensions page, locate the file (Step 2 on that page) and click on it to download.  The file is called and it is a compressed file.


Red box shows where to look for the link to file

2) Copy Location of Extensions

Launch Inkscape and go to the top level menu “Edit” -> “Preferences”. A window will pop up and you will probably have to drag the bottom right corner to resize it in order to see everything. On the left side, scroll down to “System” and click on it. On the right side, find “User extensions” and copy the text that appears in the white box beside this label (see below).

find location.png

3) Extract the files from

Open the explorer.png application and navigate to the downloaded file.  Select  With the right mouse button, launch the file explorer menu and select “Open with” -> “Windows Explorer”.


This will list all the files in (see below).  At the top right of the window, there is an icon with the label “Extract All”.  Click on it.

extract all.png

This will launch a new dialog window called “Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders.  Here, enter the name of the folder that you copied in Step 2 above.

extract location.png

Finally, click on the “Extract” button in the bottom right corner of the dialog window.  Close Inkscape if it is currently running.  Next time you open Inkscape, the updated extensions will be running.

7 thoughts on “Windows: Updating the extensions

  1. Hello, I have followed the instructions opening PREFERENCES-SYSTEM-USER EXTENSIONS
    however it is not possible for me write nothing in the label which contains:
    Is it something I have missed?
    Thank you
    Carolina de la Guardia


  2. Hi,
    I tried to download the templates and succeeded in putting them in the Users… extension folder
    I also succeeded in making a regular grid. But I have trouble with the other ground templates… The computer seems to hang or something..
    What should I do?


  3. Hello Veronika!
    I am only just beginning to explore Inkscape. I have downloaded the extensions, saved to User Preferences as instructed, but after restarting the program (and restarting the computer just to make sure…), ‘Bobbin Lace’ does not show in the Extensions menu. I tried to install them again, and got the ‘replace existing files’ message, indicating to me the files are indeed in User Preferences. I wonder if it is an issue with Windows 10. Or?


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