Veronika Irvine

I have a Master of Applied Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo and a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Victoria where I studied combinatorial objects under Frank Ruskey.  In addition to my interest in math and computer science, I am a fibre artist and have been making lace for over 35 years. For my research, I apply ideas from Computer Theory to explore and expand the techniques used in bobbin lace design.  This has led me to explore a subset of directed graphs on the torus.

My research into applying computer theory to lace design also has an educational aspect – I am interested in helping at-risk students develop stronger meta-cognitive skills for math and computer science through self-directed learning.  I have done outreach work with middle and high school students seeing how they connect with math and logic through the creation of computer generated art.  Through my application of computer theory to bobbin lace design, I have been observing the impact of this artistic connection on my own persistence and understanding.

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