Ottawa Couvige 2017

Date: Oct 21 & 22, 2017.

Please come prepared with bobbins wound and patterns printed and pricked.


Download a PDF of the patterns here: OttawaCouvige2017.PDF (last updated Sept 17, 2017)

The first two patterns are simple designs to help you get comfortable with choosing your own stitches within a lace ground and are recommended for beginners.

The last two patterns are new designs in the TesseLace style which I will explain in the workshop.

PRINTING: Make sure when you print your pricking that you can see the different colours on your cardstock (they don’t have to be the same as in the PDF, they just have to be different from each other).  We will use the colours as a guide for deciding which stitches to use where.  You will probably want a reference sheet for the pattern (on regular paper) in addition to your pricking.


I like to use cotton thread because it is strong and holds its shape well but feel free to experiment or use something you like to work with.  I have given some suggestions below but many other examples can be found in Brenda Paternoster’s book Threads for Lace.

For patterns labelled “8mm”: Use a thread that wraps around a ruler 15 times per cm.  Examples are Clark & Co. Coton a Broder No 18, Coats Mercerized Crochet Cotton 10, DMC Cordonnet Special 10 or 15.

For patterns labelled “5mm”: Use a thread that wraps around a ruler 24 times per cm.  Examples are Brok Cotton 24/3, Coats Mercerized Crochet Cotton 50, DMC Cordonnet Special 60.


For those wishing to learn how to create designs on the computer, bring your laptop.  You can download and install the necessary software in advance by following these instructions: InkScape extensions.

Alternatively, we can install the software together during the workshop.  I will bring a USB memory stick with the necessary files.

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