Random Nudges

I have added a new feature to the Inkscape extensions for bobbin lace. You can now jiggle the patterns about by small random amounts.

After updating your Inkscape bobbin lace extensions, you will see a new area at the bottom called “Optional effects”. Here you can choose how much you want to jiggle the pattern around as a percentage of the distance between footside pins.

You can jiggle the pattern in just the x-direction, just the y-direction or both. For example:

Examples of randomly jiggling various patterns

One thing this feature brings to mind is an interesting circular Moiré pattern that creates a sense of order from a random distributions of dots. As shown in the following YouTube video, Tadashi Tokieda calls them “Freaky dot patterns”:

I am curious whether we can get a similar effect in lace. You could create two layers of lace, each from the same randomly jiggled pricking, and rotate one layer on top of the other. Overlapping two randomly jiggled prickings of a diamond net gives the figure below which would make an interesting kinetic lace piece. Notice the suggestion of concentric circles as described by Tokieda.

Similarly, a Moiré effect created by rotating two regular diamond ground prickings gives the result in the following figure. Because the regular pattern repeats periodically, the interference pattern also repeats periodically.

I will update this post when I have had a chance to experiment with these Moiré effects in lace. My prediction is that a highly symmetric stitch, such as Torchon ground, will give the best result.